Guin Police & Fire Departments


The Guin Police and Fire Departments are here to serve the people of Guin. At all times we are concerned with the safety and protection of our community. Below you will find information you need in order to contact both departments. As always, in all EMERGENCIES involving life or death, please call 911.

















Guin Police Department

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 249, Guin, Alabama 35563 

Physical Address: 7500 US Highway 43, Guin, AL 35563

Daytime Phone: (205) 468-3363 

After 5pm: (205) 921-7433

Fax: (205) 468-3002


Police Department Staff:

Aaron Dillard, Officer

Andy Smith, Officer

Robert Snow, Officer / Investigator 

Eric Zills, Officer

Vicent Sisco, Officer

Bobbie Blaylock, Officer



Guin Fire Department

Mailing Address: P. O. Box 249, Guin, Alabama 35563

Physical Address: 7500 US Highway 43, Guin, Alabama 35563

Daytime Phone: (205) 468-2277

Chief's Number- (205)-412-7047

Non Emergency (after 5pm): (205) 468-2277

Fax: (205) 468-3002


Doug Webb,

Chief of Guin Police Dept.

Doug Webb has been a member of the Guin Police Department for 27 years and has been the current chief of police for 5 years. 

Randy Garrison,

Chief of Guin Fire 

Randy Garrison has been a member of the Guin Fire Department for 22 years and has been chief for 13 years.