Clubs and Organizations


The citizens of Guin enjoy being social with their neighbors. A number of well-established clubs and organizations can be found here. Below are a number of organizations in the city. Please feel free to contact the individuals listed to learn more about joining.


If you have information about other clubs or organizations not listed, please feel free to contact Terri Dennis at City Hall so information can be added here.



Guin Garden Club

The Guin Garden Club raises money to work on the beautification of Guin. They also provide scholarships to Marion County High School and donates money to Guin Elementary School to support education. 


Heather Bellew-President



En Avant Study Club

The En Avant Study Club is a social club that encourges the interaction of women in Guin and is dedicated to promoting education. The club donates money to Marion County High School and Guin Elementary School to help support the needs of the schools. They also provide scholarships to Marion County High School.


Pam Pollard-President



Entrou Novs 

Helen Wilson



Red Hat Society

Janis Randoph

(205) 468-3585



 Feed My Sheep Guin  

Guin now has it's very own community food bank. This bank was organized in order to help those in need of assistance throughout the month.

  • Food is distributed once a month at the old community center on Ernest Courts Apartments.

  • Applications are available at City Hall and certain identification is required to finalize the application. 

IF you are interested in volunteering for this organization please contact Belinda Freeman at (205)-300-2552 ONLY.