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Information on Garbage and Pick-Up Services

If the holiday falls on a Monday, your garbage will be a day late. Most holidays, your garbage will be picked up a day late from your normal pick-up. However, all pick-ups are subject to change during holiday hours. Call City Hall for more information if you are unsure of these changes. 

It is a holiday, when will my garbage be picked up? 

Yes. If you have a large load of household garbage (excluding shingles, insulation, and or tires), you can rent the dump truck for a starting fee of $45.00; the one time fee will be added to your next monthly water bill. The dump truck will be dropped at your residence on Friday afternoon and picked up on Monday morning. In the mean time, you can fill it up. Call City Hall with your address to reserve your spot. 

I've been doing some cleaning, are there special pick-up services for a large load of garbage? 

Your can should face where it opens toward the road. In other words, the wheels of your can should be facing your house or away from the road. Make sure no obstructing objects are around your can, in which case it will not be picked up. 

How does my can need to face for correct pick-up?

Yellow- picks up on Monday

Pink- picks up on Tuesday

Orange- picks up on Wednesday

Green- picks up on Thursday 

***please note that garbage pick-up does not run on Friday. 

When will my garbage be picked up? 

Special pick-ups are normally done on Fridays: call City Hall with your address and let us know that you have a special pickup? However, if you have a special pick-up that needs earlier picking up due to weather or special scenarios, City Hall will be happy to accommodate. 

What are special Pick-up times? 

Please make note of the following changes to the 2021 garbage pickup services.

These precautions are in an effort to cut down on expenses and help the Guin Sanitation Department do a better job in serving its residents. 

Looking for information on special garbage pick-up? Just moved and want to know when your garbage will be picked-up? Looking for information on holiday pickup? This page is the place for you!

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