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City Boards

Housing Authority

Ralph Christopher

Brenda Jackson

Teresa Markham

Arley Masengale

Wyman Estes


Contact Information For Guin Housing Authority

Phone: 205.468.2637 

Business Hours: Monday – Friday 7:30 am – 4:00 pm 


Alabama Community of Excellence 

Terri Dennis

Stan Junkin

Kathy Alexander

Zane Miles

Lorie Mayo

Emily Hines

Library Board

Ralph Christopher

Darvi Jackson

Margaret Masengale

Bobbie Baker

Jeanete Christopher


Park & Recreation Board

Willie Joe Hollis

Bethany Hightower

Kimberly Franks

Casey Fox

Felicia Harris

Jason Fluharty

Zane Miles


Industrial Development Board

Brenan Smith

Stan Junkin

Tracy Parker

Bob Mullins

LeAnne Burns

Jimmy Dale Atkinson

Jimmy Harrison

Bethany Clifton

Rebeca Markham










Waterworks & Sewer Board

Ronald McDonald

Melissa Michaelson

Curt Hubbert

Trent Junkin

Mike Spears


Chamber of Commerce

Tracy Hawkins

Jerry Hester

Stan Junkin

David Mathews

Bethany Hightower


Contact Information Or To Join The Chamber Go To:



Marion County High School Advisory Board

Faye Dennis

Anthony Robbins

Blaine Pyron

Donald Webb

Debra Sweda







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