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Collins Life Center and Community Shelter


Guin is the home to the very first of its kind senior center/safe shelter in the United State.The Collins Life Center provides wonderful activities for community members from age 60 and beyond. This building includes a large multi-purpose room, library, computer lab, card room and a warming kitchen. Activities include, but are not limited to group exercise, free computer classes, group music and singing, as well as games. There are activities going on daily. Lunch is also served daily, with deliveries being made to the community's home-bound seniors. There is a well stocked library of books to check out and a computer lab with internet access. Computer classes are held at different times to help individuals learn their way around a computer.


If you are in immediate need of shelter during a disaster, the City of Guin’s shelter is located underground in the Collins Life Center. Food and medical storage areas are available for emergency situations. It has its own generator to maintain electricity in case of the loss of power. The safe shelter is opened at the beginning of any bad weather situation for anyone who needs shelter and can hold up to 250 people.


Contact Information:

Becky Benton, Manager

581 14th St North

Guin, AL 35563

Phone: (205) 468-2082


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