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Phone Directory 

Guin Water Department: (205)-468-3835

call for water works information as well as court fines and questions you may have

Guin Elementary School- (205)-468-3433

Marion County High School- (205)-468-3377

The Senior Center- (205)-468-20823

The Post Office- (205)-468-3533

Guin Park and Recreation- (205)-468-3736

Guin Water Park- (205)-468-3045

Marion County Commission- (205)-921-3172

Marion County Probate Office- (205)- 921-2471

Marion County Waste- (205)-921-2116

Marion County Sheriff's Department- (205)-921-7433

Non-Emergency 911- (205)-921-4911

call for urgent, but not emergent matters, such as well fare checks

Marion County Wildlife Management- (256)-353-2634


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